More than a Computer Lab – A Biblical Worldview

CVAI is not just setting up a computer lab at BCHS Njinikijem in Belo, Cameroon. We and our partners TEN3 are training the computer teacher and principal at the school to help students at this school use computers, and how to use them from a Biblical worldview.

I (Bob) sometimes get caught up in the nuts and bolts or should I say the mice and hard-drives of the project. It is much more than that. This next generation of Cameroonians has embraced cell phones and computer technology at fast pace.

Pray that as we set up the lab in July, we constantly think beyond the nuts and bolts and think about the students who will master the computer, rather than have the computer and the internet resources (in the future) as his or her master, like so many young people have in other cultures.

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