First Week in Cameroon

Making progress- July 16

Today marks one week staying at Mbingo Baptist Hospital, and working on the computer lab at BCHS Njinikijem in nearby Belo.

The ceiling was in before we arrived, and much of the electrical work was done. This week the window glass was installed, the concrete bock walls were plastered and the tables, and security window bars and metal doors were delivered. The ceiling should be painted soon, electric completed, and security bars/doors installed so we can begin setting up the room.

The electric service at the school is sporadic so we set up the generator we had in the container – but the carburetor needed to be cleaned and now it runs well. 

Thursday was very frustrating at the school. The software was not loading right. It requires a lot of command lines. We decided it would be better/easier to install software here at the hospital. Today was much better.

We needed 6 RAM modules for some of the older computers. It is pre-FedEx, pre-credit cards here so one of the technicians had a local shop order the RAM in Douala, 6 hours south, wire money to Douala, that day, the package was put on the overnight bus to Bamenda and the technician picked up the RAM the next morning. Very efficient in a cash society.

Today our hosts will show us how to roast local coffee, 100 lbs. worth.


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